Poses for the shorties

All my life I was the shortest person around, in sports, class etc. I never wanted to be a model but I always loved taking photos so I could never find the balance between the two. Towards the end of my high school career I started realizing that fashion was my thing and started this blog. But, I never thought someone as short as me could ever pull off fashion photos until I started playing around with some poses and movements and learned to work with what I’ve got. I learned it’s all about the angles and perception. So here we go:

Let’s start with our legs. Creating the illusion of long legs is super simple, using techniques such as crossing one leg over the other, pointing the toes of the crossed leg and popping your hip upwards. This makes your leg look like it starts higher than it actually does as in the photo of me in the red dress. For an extra effect, take the back leg that is just supporting and hop up onto the ball of your foot also known as your “tippy toes.”

SIDE TIP: whether your shooting on a phone or a camera, taking the photo at a lower angle will always elongate your whole body. (but not so low that our double chins are exposed..unless you both are friends any exposure is good exposure… sry too much, ik.)

Other techniques I find useful when taking photos is extending my legs awkwardly, dramatically, and slightly bending them at the knee. Awkward is vogue these days. BUT, Its also not always about the legs, sometimes just lifting your arms up over your head and posing with your hands in avant garde theatrical ways for the dramatic effect adds inches to your height and personality to your photos. This is called the art of distraction. Taking the viewers attention off one thing and refocusing it to something else.

VOGUING. As of late, I’ve been trying the whole voguing thing…and I like it. My favorite one is placing one or both hands on my hips and inching my elbows towards the center of my body, its V fierce, and I’m dramatic, so it suits me. (insert laughing emoji here) Thats all for today.

Until next time loves, xx Emvalf

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