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I wanted to share with you guys the blazers I’ve picked up while thrifting over the last few weeks/months. Blazers have become statement pieces  in my wardrobe over the span of a year so I’ve been adding super fun ones into my collection lately. For those of you who love blazers and want to add them into your wardrobe here’s what to look for when thrifting blazers: 

Color. Make sure the print isn’t too outdated or over worn. Go for solid colors for your first few such as burgundy, nudes, blacks, and reds. Stay away from super thin stripes.

Structure. shoulder pads are cool, but make sure it isn’t too padded if you have broad shoulders like myself. Go for just the right amount of structure, structure is everything. 

Length. blazers that are trending as of late are longer in length, so past the bum and somewhat over sized. Quarter length sleeves are a must. If the blazers hits the hips its most likely outdated but there are ways around it, such as layering jackets.

Vintage. typically I go for blazers with unique Parisian style buttons and patterns.

Pairing. Boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, denim denim denim. This takes the blazer out of office and on to the streets. Also, leather pants are an awesome compliment to any blazer on the planet.

keep your eyes peeled lovelies, your perfect thrifted blazer is out there waiting for you. 

xx, emavlf

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