The Evelyn, NYC

This past weekend I had the luxury of staying at The Evelyn in New York City. Right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, a block or two away from the oh so famous Flat Iron building. As soon as we walked in there was this ambiance like no other, dim calming lighting, and a beautiful scent that stuck with you and had you excited to walk through the lobby just once more. The decor and the furniture so up-to-date you needed one more “click” of the camera because WOW. A romantic setting for sure. In the elevator and up to the sixth floor we went, the doors slid open to a dim lit hallway with beautiful light fixtures and a small hall table that was home to a 60s vintage rotary phone. LOVED. IT.

We entered our room, switched on the light and I was in heaven. The bed hugged by the finest white linen sheets. Old pictures and paintings accented the pale cream wall paper. The coolest gold industrial-esque pipe chandelier hung from the high ceiling. Two Accordion book lamps hung over each side of the bed, the perfect touch. As if this place couldn’t be more unique, I entered the black and white aesthetically pleasing bathroom with a strip of sheet music lining the entire perimeter of the room. Shower time was obviously the best time.

Waking up in the morning was an experience of its own. Sitting by the tall windows covered in sandy colored sheer curtains. So relaxing as I listened to the city’s hustle. An understatement is saying that I had the most enjoyable weekend at The Evelyn, it was everything and more.

7 E 27th st, New York, NY $$

Make sure you return for more of my new NYC hotels series for the best and the worst experiences.

xx, emvalf

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