Shooting with Tayla

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! This week has been the best week so far and its only Tuesday. SO yesterday I finally met up with Tayla Santos a fellow Boston blogger and you-tuber and we went around Boston and shot some looks for our blogs. Theres nothing like exploring new areas and looking for the perfect location for the perfect shots. We started on Charles street at Tatte cafe & bakery and made our way towards the seaport bridge snapping shots along the way.

We had so much fun and got lost in our poses throughout the day. My favorite thing about shooting is the vision, and what I mean by that is what I can make out of something or a location…and thats a true art form. I can make people see things differently than they’d see it on their own. Which is why I’ve pushed away from your typical blank wall outfit pics into a more creative aspect of capturing my fashion and style. Its more fun that way.

Back to our day, we vlogged our shoot for our channels (stay tuned for that) and it was just all around good vibes. Our personalities just flowed together like our dusters in the pics below (insert laughs here)

The most exciting part as I say in every post, is obvy…picking out the outfits. It can be a bit stressful for me because I either want to wear everything all at once and show it off or I just feel like I never have any clothes even after shopping four days in a row. For this particular look I wanted spring vibes, but casual, and a little playful…which you get with the white and red striped duster. The red is the right pop of color especially for spring and summer (which is so weird that I’m saying because I used to hate the color red) but now I’m slowly filling my wardrobe with more and more red.

Along with the striped duster I paired a tight white tank, a light washed denim that I cut the ends of to give off an edgy-er look and added my Gucci belt as the chic statement piece which I feel like every girl or guy needs in their closet. The most exciting part of this outfit for me was the white pointy pumps from Calvin Klein that I just purchased ON SALE (GODS PLAN) and it doesn’t get better than that. Pointed pumps are a must in your wardrobe because you can dress them up super fancy or dress them down for a more relaxed-casual feel and either way you’re looking good.

Pictures Below  Pictures Below  Pictures Below

Also, Will start posting weekly Youtube videos on my channel every Sunday on EMVALF and my blog posts will now be posted every Monday and Wednesday, super excited for whats to come!

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