Hey everyone, and welcome backkkkk!

So today was another amazing day, warm and productive…as soon as I dragged myself out of bed. My favorite part about every day is putting my outfit together and creating something that’s expresses me in the best way😊

Also, super excited because I finally have crossed off so many things off of my February to-do list and it feels amazing. Super excited because I finally am receiving my passport for the first time and finally traveling like i’ve wanted to. This month i’m going to be in Florida, LA, and Punta Cana…and soon hope to visit Paris and London.

On top of all of that, i’ll be blogging and vlogging all of my trips this month so my youtube will be full of all the fun happens, ootd’s and photoshoots so make sure to keep up on all of my social media!❤️

Back to the good stuff, so today I went for my usual business-chic street style. I paired my black pants lined with leather and black onesie with my nude pink long blazer. For shoes (the best part) I added my Black booties from SHEIN, balenciaga ceinture dupes (Which I got for $1,300 less super deal) and last but not least I added one of my new favorite sunnies I’ve purchased from The Lucky Brand, gold rimmed rounded metal frames. For my bag i added a black boxy flat bag with flat round studs lining the rims.

Nude pink blazer- Forever 21 $15

Black onsie- Forever 21 $10

Black pants leather lined- Zara $29

Black buckled booties- SHEIN $34

Black bag- ZARA $40


******Stay tuned for a few more posts before the week ends!!***

xoxo, emvalf

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