Hey everyone, happy belated valentines/galentine’s day to you all!!❤️ So my valentine’s day was very special this year because I had my first real valentine Anthony and i was his first valentine so we wanted to go all out. We already live in boston, but we decided on a mini staycation in the city at the Park Plaza Hotel (It was beautiful and fit my aesthetic.)

So we booked our room there, and now it was time for my surprise planning. I hit party city, Michaels and target for my decorations for the room and your basic valentine’s day teddys and chocolate. Come valentine’s day morning check in was at three but Anthony got out of class at 3:15 so i checked in at 2, prepped the room in red and white balloons, rose petals, red feathers, and a valentine’s day banner. (PICSBELOW)

Once we met up around 4, i pretended to recheck in so he wouldn’t think anything was up…we went up to the room and surprised him. It was so sweet the way he reacted, he said to me no ones ever done this for him before and that touched my heart❤️ (scoooooreeeee) On to the even better stuff…my outfits hahahah. So, i had two valentine’s day outfits. One, for the day time..prepping, running errands etc and the second for my fancy dinner. The first consisted of:•white and black small-check checkered pants- H&M $24.99 •off white sweater with attached choker-H&M $14.99•faux fur nude pink coat- H&M $100 $50•balenciaga ceinture DUPE booties- SHEIN $37Outfit number 2 consisted ofFaux fur nude pink coat- H&M $50 Striped Jumper- MARSHALLS $20 Pointed toe pumps (valentino look alike)- CR $30 Name necklace- URBAN OUTFITTERS $16 And we ended the night with lots of talking over dinner, and of course a movie…fifty shades..because what else would you watch on valentine’s day. Love you all.



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