Hey againšŸ˜Š Soooooo, yesterday Wednesday the 21st February was amazing. The weather the vibes the activities..amazing. I went home to see my mom and brother in the morning for a few hours and returned back to the city around two when the clouds started to clear and blue skies appeared. I met up with the BF after he got out of class at three and we went on an adventure.

We walked from Back Bay to Downtown and from Downtown to Faneuil and from Faneuil to the Seaport district (highly recommend) as soon as we walked over the bridge to seaport we went straight to Ben & Jerrys and i usually pick up the Caramel Blondie BUT THEY GOT RID OF IT (RUDE) so i got another caramel flavored ice cream and everything ended up being okay.

After ice cream we went to shake shack to get some yummy burgers and fries and went on our way. While we tried to head over to the perfect spot to eat by the water we ran in to the coolest adult sized sea saws (i think they’re called?) that lit up and made a cool sound almost like a song each time you and your partner went down and up. There were over a dozen it was amazing.

After the sea saws we walked over to the ICA and sat down on the steps over looking the cotton candy sunset reflecting water with the city scape behind us. Watching the pink,purple, orange and yellow ripples moving along was so peaceful and relaxing couldn’t have asked for anything better than that sight.

What i wore on our little adventure was:

ā€¢Lulu Lemon leggings $70

ā€¢black loose tie top- Zara $40

ā€¢espadrilles (sandals)- Zara $40

ā€¢sunnies- Luck brand $20

ā€¢bag- TJmaxx $35



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