Hey everyone, welcome back to another post! So today was an awesome day with my friend Tenzin. Picking out my outfit for 24 degree Boston weather was definitely the hardest part of my morning, but i managed of course stuck to my blacks, whites and greys.

We had dessert for break fast, at the cutest old fashioned cafe in the North End named Caffe Vittoria. I got an Espresso Afogatto topped with vanilla ice cream and a vanilla cheesecake topped with strawberries, yummmm😍 Meanwhile tenzin got a pretty hot chocolate and an Italian coffee dessert that I can’t pronounce to save my life. AND OF COURSE, we took pretty pics of our food…and ourselves.

After cafe victoria we took a hike around the north end and found some dope industrial backgrounds for our photos, and she captured my outfit of the day (pics below)

Casalinga. Once we got all the shots we needed we made our way towards Haymarket and found THE CUTEST Italian restaurant very small and aesthetically pleasing with all the natural light in the world. I ordered myself a Caprese sandwich (tomato, mozzarella, basil and some other spices)

To wrap up my day, it was food filled and much needed. Got to explore the North End and have a much needed girl talk❤️

On to the important stuff..

Jacket: Zara $39.00

Sweater: zara $15

Ripped jeans: zara $19.99

Studded booties: tjmaxx $100

Faux fur bag: steve madden $19.99

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Youtube: EMVALF



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