R I T U A L. If you haven’t been introduced to them yet, this is me introducing the two of you. Also hello, and welcome back haha. So, obviously my blog is super fashion related but i’m taking a fashion post break and talking about music in this one. 

So R I T U A L. Their top song that i’ve been so obsessed with is called ‘drown the lovers’ it’s a viber. When ever i listen to it or any of their songs at all actually I get lost in its vibe and forget what i’m doing. Usually, super late at night i’ll put on my beats, close my eyes and listen to them on complete blast. Tuning everything else out—all other noises with shut eyes, I feel every word they sing, all of their creeping whispered melodies and all the vibrations from the bass in my heart and chest. It’s so dark and mysterious in the best way. Not a depressing dark, but a rich calming still sea dark. 

some other good tunes by them are ‘wouldn’t be love’ and better by now, but number one is definitely ‘drown the lovers’ by far.

xoxo, emvalf. 

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