Soho Fun Behind the Scenes


Hi every one! Welcome back…Soooo, for the past couple of months I’ve been living in NYC for work. Here is where I met the wonderful and talented Gabe Reyes, he’s amazing behind the camera so we decided to shoot together. Ive uplaoded the video we made together on YouTube    we started my intro at Ground support café in soho honestly the cutest place ever was so super obsessed with its rustic vibes and ended on Prince street near Zara on Broadway ave.

The video and the music in it is the complete definition of me if ive ever seen one. It expresses my style and what I love, fashion. So I hope every one enjoys it as much as I did. You can find me at EMVALF on youtube ill have the link below for easy access, ALSO here are a few fun pictures from the day!

Black off the shoulder top: H&M $9.99

Belt: Topshop $27.99

Striped Pants: H&M $49.99

Platform sandals (now half of what I paid!!) : Steve madden $120.00

New video:

xoxo, much love


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